Paintings of Dreams and Shadows




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In Granada, as in many ancient Mediterranean cities if you escape the bright lights of the main thoroughfares you find a maze of narrow medieval lanes and intricate passageways, Wandering through them it feels like you are experiencing the quietness of the city’s secrets.

Acrylic underpainting. finished with a series of oil glazes and detailing. Painted on board (dimensions - 460 x 460 mm) Includes a matt black or white unglazed frame. (560 x 560 mm) . Price includes free shipping.

'Albayzin' forms part of my ‘Dreams’ collection which explores and exaggerates the psychological influence of both built and natural structures on our moods and perceptions.

By distorting and altering both the colour and form of my observations I encourage my viewers to look in a new way at familiar landmarks with a surreal understanding.


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